The 2nd Tischner Congress


In 2020, the II International Tischner Congress will be organized to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Józef Tischner’s death and to pose the question of the validity of his thoughts. He was a philosopher and a thinker actively engaged in public affairs. During the I International Tischner Congress in 2011, we viewed his legacy through a prism of Truth and Goodness – this time the main topic will be the Faces of Freedom. When talking about man and about the drama that goes on among people, the issue of freedom, after all, is of fundamental importance.

Freedom was for Tischner, above all, a way for goodness to exist. He did, however, try to understand and describe why freedom can, in some situations, also become a wretched gift, that some are incapable of handling and therefore run away from, and that others turn into a gateway through which they let demonic evil enter our world. A wide spectrum of possible analysis and research opens up to us, making us reflect on the very structure of freedom, its various fruits – both the good and the poisoned.

We would like to invite those who are willing to join in this discussion to participate in the Congress and, so as to maintain some order to our reflections, to propose to focus on the issue of freedom in three main areas which were subjects of interest to Tischner himself:

  • The philosophical reflection on the human being
  • The philosophical reflection on the religious dimension of interpersonal relationships
  • The philosophical reflection on the political and social dimensions


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